Truffle hunting season is on!

An attribute of luxury with which real gastronomic chic is associated. A noble scent that captivates no worse than a selective perfume.

Truffle, the king of gastro accents, is now officially a trendsetter on the Sartoria Lamberti menu.


Time to start: aperitifs at Sartoria Lamberti

Never before has the Italian tradition of aperitif been so close and understandable. Now that you have to finish early, Sartoria Lamberti teaches you how to drink in Italian, right after lunch and before dinner. 


The new Aperitivo menu is available in the restaurant from 16.00 to 19.00 daily.


The new Lenten menu at Sartoria Lamberti

Green is the new black!


Sergey Andreichenko, the chef of the Sartoria Lamberti strictly follows gastronomic and fashion trends. His spring menu features zucchini and avocados, mix salad and brussels sprouts, oyster mushrooms with thyme and parsley and a vegetable bronuise.


The new Lenten menu can be tasted at Sartoria Lamberti from March, 2 till April, 19.

Cheerful morning or the new breakfast menu at Sartoria Lamberti

Rice porridge with mango and coconut mousse to cheer up, a puff pastry with scrambled and black truffle to treat yourself. The new morning menu at Sartoria Lamberti is more than interesting and more than diverse.


Breakfasts at Sartoria Lamberti are now served from 11.00 until 16.00 on weekends.

Кокосовый мусс с семенами чиа5.jpg

Autumn collection of dishes at Sartoria Lamberti

Italians know how to set trends - what to wear, where to rest, what to eat. While borders and Fashion Weeks are at lockdown, Sartoria Lamberti is showcasing an autumn collection of dishes. Anyone who expects something new from Italian cuisine, who is looking for fresh impressions, but appreciates tradition and comfort. Autumn "styles" of dishes from Sartoria Lamberti look perfect and fast!


Большой итальянский ужин

La Bottega (*Michelin) в гостях у Sartoria Lamberti

Лучшие блюда итальянской кухни, высококачественные ингредиенты, неизменно высокие стандарты – так рекомендует ресторан La Bottega респектабельный гид Michelin. Расположенный в центре Женевы он предлагает гостям итальянскую классику, переосмысленную творческим подходом шефа Франческо Гасбарро.


5 марта Франческо Гасбарро и шеф-повар Sartoria Lamberti Сергей Андрейченко вместе приготовят ужин, где каждый расскажет об Италии свою историю. /

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