Food Orgy at Sartoria Lamberti Gastronomy Atelier

On October 21, Sartoria Lamberti will host the fourth dinner of the "11 Friends of Willim" project, sponsored by Georgy Bekin-  @foodorgy, one of the most popular Instagram food bloggers.


Imitating the Roman patricians, who arranged multi-day feasts with an abundance of food and wine, George, instead of a traditional set dinner, suggested holding a gastronomic orgy. No refined snacks or exalted manners, just real, sensual food, undisguised by trends and clever combinations.  

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Seasonal collection at Sartoria Lamberti

In the Apennines - the season of spoilage, in Russia - the harvest of porcini mushrooms, and in Sartoria Lamberti - the gastronomic novelties of autumn.

The chief couturier of Sartoria Lamberti, William Lamberti, has composed a score where mushrooms are the soloist in traditional and vegetarian Italian dishes.

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Food, love and secrets of Venice

at Sartoria Lamberti

September 22 at 19:00  Sartoria Lamberti will host the third dinner in the 11 Friends of William series.  

The virtual tour of Italy will continue with gastro experts Polina and Lyuba - the authors of the @instafoodpassion project.


The girls are so passionately in love with Italy that for more than two years they have been studying not only the cuisine and culture of the country, but also the language. The author's dinner is dedicated to Venice of the 19th century, this time is considered the heyday of culinary, mixology (then cocktails with vermouths appeared) and hedonism.


The dinner menu is made up of dishes found in an 1884 cookbook that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Galasso family.  

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Venice_insta food.JPG

Italy - a land of inspiration: pop-up dinner at Sartoria Lamberti

September 8 at 19:00  Sartoria Lamberti will host the second "11 Friends of William" dinner.  


The menu dedicated to Russian geniuses who worked on the Apennine Peninsula was invented by Daniel Feldman, the author of the KudaEda telegram channel.


Only one evening you will be able to taste the Ligurian flatbread with pesto, black pasta, twist on caprese  in the form of red shrimp ceviche and tiramisu from Brodsky's favorite cafe.

  You can plan inspiration by Italy by phone: +7 (495) 795-00-25 or through the booking form .

Satoria Lamberti4123 копия.jpg

The first theater menu

at Sartoria Lamberti

August 23 named after M.N. Ermolova informally opened the season with a collaboration with the gastronomic atelier Sartoria Lamberti.


Now theater viewers can try special sets - First Bell and Second Bell - before heading out to watch the premieres.


The format has already established itself in the world's theater capitals: as a rule, this is an offer of three to five courses with a drink, which will be prepared and served in a short time so that you can not be late for the theater.  

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Cocktail metamorphosis

at Sartoria Lamberti

On August 25, Sartoria Lamberti will host a funny tour:

the bartender from the shirt atelier will stand behind the counter of the gastronomic atelier.


The program includes cocktails-metamorphoses, created on the basis of popular and boring drinks: Screwdriver, Margarita, Long Island Ice Tee.  

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How to Eat Dessert, Drink a Cocktail, and Win a Trip

Sartoria Lamberti is launching two beautiful projects at once - a dessert inspired by the Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort and cocktails for the Elysium hotel in Cyprus, which were invented by the chef - bartender Andrey Kobyakov.


From June 28 to August 22, guests will be offered Dreams of Provence - a dessert with a French soul and Russian character. It is made in the form of an edible lavender bouquet, whose “inner world” includes the main symbols of the region - lemons, goat cheese and honey.

All the ingredients put together symbolize the Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort in Provence, where everyone who ordered a dessert on the set dates can win a weekend trip.

The chef - bartender Andrey Kobyakov has his own collaboration - also with the hotel, but Elysium in Cyprus. Nearby is the famous Rock of Aphrodite, it was this heroine of the ancient Greek pantheon who inspired the creation of two themed cocktails:

Aphrodite on vanilla vodka with homemade sea buckthorn and champagne sorbet and Sky Sartoria on gin with elder flowers and fresh nettle foam. From June 25 to August 22, when ordering, each guest becomes a participant in the drawing of a certificate for hotel accommodation.

To try your luck is easy enough

schedule a meeting by phone: +7 (495) 795-00-25

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Seasonal Noknocktails at Sartoria Lamberti

Consciousness, sustainability and openness to the world -

trend of the year. Sartoria Lamberti is committed to responsible consumption, adding the elegance of a gastronomic atelier.


In the summer map there are non-alcoholic cocktails or noknocktails, which the tongue will not turn to call lemonades.

Linden and creamy raspberries with a tart summer forest scent and a message from childhood - the taste of roasted marshmallows, White peach with the tenderness of peach yoghurt and floral frivolity, and Birch spritz with non-alcoholic vermouth and edible bark, a symbol of Russian nature.

You can try new specials and dress, finally, in summer from head to toe right now: just 

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Sounds of music

On June 19 at 19.00 the gastronomic atelier promises to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of Italy, accompanied by the clink of glasses of sparkling wine, the flashes of candles and a measured happy whisper.


You can book a table for a cozy and elegant evening by phone: +7 (495) 795-00-25


Gastronomic evenings

at Sartoria Lamberti

A series of dinners from friends of the project will start at the gastronomic atelier, during which they will not only share their favorite recipes, but also tell personal stories related to Italy.


On June 9, at 19:00, an independent gastronomic expert Mikhail Kostin prepares in the Sartoria Lamberti kitchen. The menu includes dishes unfamiliar to the metropolitan public, which are prepared in small towns, for example, Cacio e pepe dry pasta as an appetizer, cold seafood salad with fennel and limoncello, Vercellese risotto with Barbera, beans and della Duia salami. As a hot dish, Mikhail will offer polenta with stewed beef and prunes, and for dessert, hazelnut cookies without flour.


For each dish the sommelier of the project Anton Suzdalsky will select a special wine accompaniment.


Book a table for an Italian evening

you can call: +7 (495) 795-00-25


The story continues ...

Sartoria Lamberti will show the Sex and the City dessert and cocktail series on a festive weekend on March 6 and 7 .

While they are planning to shoot new episodes in New York, chief bartender Andrei Kobyakov has developed a line of cocktails of the same name ̆, reflecting the characters of the girls, and pastry chef Naira Sosedova invented the dessert Mr. Big, whose heart tastes just like the Lovely Four's favorite Cosmopolitan cocktail.

There will be no show on March 8th: the restaurant will close its doors for a special event based on personal patterns.


Italian Shrovetide at Sartoria Lamberti

As for the Italian - the carnival, for the Russian - the Maslenitsa.

Despite all the gastronomic richness, there are no pancakes in Italy, therefore, by the time of Shrovetide week, Uilliam Lamberti and the new chef of Sartoria Lamberti, Thomas Kassa, suggested their own interpretations of traditional dishes under the conventional motto: "Time for food, hour for hedonism", namely Shrovetide.


Spring collection of vegetables at Sartoria Lamberti 

The key trends of the spring fashion season - lightness and brightness - are exactly what the lenten menu of Sartoria Lamberti, where vegetables are in the main role, is all about.

Traditional potatoes, carrots, eggplants have been replaced with actual sweet potatoes, artichokes, portobello mushrooms and a variety of cabbage. Always as appropriate as a little black dress, Bolognese has been interpreted in vegan style with olives and tomatoes.


And as they left flowers for sweet - dessert “Poppy” based on children's watercolors by the pastry chef is the new special.


Bar Takeover at Sartoria Lamberti or new guest aperitifs

March 24 from 16:00 at the Sartoria Lamberti counter -

Kirill Dmitriev-Malchevsky (Brodo bar).

If you do some simple arithmetic, then for 10 years he has been filling glasses in bars and restaurants of Moscow.


He says about himself: “I am in search of the perfect Dry Martini recipe, I am a bastard from Spanish and I appreciate French wines”. In the gastronomic atelier he will mix and shake 4 signature cocktails, and as a compliment he will make heads spinning.

gold copy.jpg

Easter haute couture at Sartoria Lamberti

Sartoria Lamberti has decided to give new life to traditions:

by Easter, the pastry chef of the gastronomic atelier Naira Sosedova will make a limited collection of eggs from caramel and dark chocolate - each egg is made by hand for two days.


Decor - from sweet buttons to 999 gold. Inside there are two types of sweets and surprise candy.


You can order a beautiful gift in the restaurant

from April 26th . Price: golden egg - 10,000 RUB, velour and red, decorated with buttons - 5,500 RUB.


Another bar takeover at Sartoria Lamberti

Sartoria opens a series of long-awaited May holidays a little ahead of time, which need an alcoholic soundtrack much more interesting than the banal Aperol Spritz.

Raziya Duvazayeva, the only bar lady of Leveldva, is responsible for the spring mood, butterflies in the stomach and the taste of drinks on April 28 from 16:00.

In the quartet of cocktails that can be tasted "all herbs and flowers": it is worth waiting for (and looking for) the aromas of late spring, a bouquet of violets, the rustle of bird cherry and the thrill of lilacs.

Jazz Day at Sartoria Lamberti Gastronomic Atelier

On April 30, Jazz Day is celebrated all over the world, and it is on this day that a cocktail-jazz jam session will be held at Sartoria Lambert with the support of Onegin vodka.

The action will start at 20:00.


The soul-jazz project of Valentin Lakodin - Cigar Hall, is responsible for the sounds of music this evening, based on the sound of jazz and blues, mixed with driving soul-funk. This cocktail includes both traditional swing and modern grooves.


Chef bartender Andrey Kobyakov also improvises, the pop-up menu includes three specially designed cocktails based on Onegin vodka.


New bar takeover

at Sartoria Lamberti

On May 12, from 16.00-21.00 at the counter of the gastronomic atelier, Master's & Margarita's chief bartender Igor Bobritsky. He will mix cocktails, tell stories and create a mood.

Igor has been in the profession for over ten years, he is a finalist and champion of various specialized competitions, including Art of Italicus, WildTurkeyJazz and Jager Liga.

He focuses on local and seasonal ingredients in his cocktail creation, while keeping in mind the good old bar classics.


Return to Italy

On May 26, from 16:00 to 21:00, the season of bar tours will be closed by Vadim Lobas, the founder of Lobas event and a person whose past is the main bars of Moscow: from Mendeleev bar to Happy End and Kisa Bar.

Notes of lilac, sage, Sichuan pepper, accents of grapes, feijoa, rhubarb and strawberry, rum, gin, mezcal - and this is not the whole palette from which 5 authentic drinks of the evening will be composed.

It will be possible to taste the pearls of the guest menu not only on the evening of the premiere, but also for a whole week after it.

Сартория Аперитивы.RAF

Gastro premiere

with Svetlana Zakharova

On May 27, the presentation of the dessert took place

"Svetlana Zakharova".


Pastry chef Naira Sosedova created a dessert - a dedication to the world ballet star, prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater. The premiere was timed to coincide with Svetlana's Public Talk at Sartoria Lamberti.

On it, she frankly talked about the backstage life, the future premiere of the Bolshoi Theater - "The Seagull", where she sings the part of Arkadina, debunked the myths about the strict diet of ballerinas, confessing her love for sweets.


And the dish, like a dance, turned out to be very light in appearance, but complex in execution and filling with tastes.


You can try the dedication dessert

from May 27 to June 10 , until the birthday of Svetlana Zakharova.

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Time to start: aperitifs at Sartoria Lamberti

Never before has the Italian tradition of aperitif been so close and understandable. Now that you have to finish early, Sartoria Lamberti teaches you how to drink in Italian, right after lunch and before dinner. 


The new Aperitivo menu is available in the restaurant from 16.00 to 19.00 daily.



unique cocktail and dessert pairing by Sartoria Lamberti

Chef bartender Andrey Kobyakov and pastry chef Naira Sosedova offer to go for the treasures of the northern seas.

Iceberg cocktail blue as endless ice and Oyster with white sparkling pearls, exquisite in its fragility, are your pass to places where only the foot of brave travelers has stepped.


Dessert is a unique treasure created by gastro-couturier Naira Sosedova. Incredible and alluring, this is a Sartoria Lamberti exclusive that has already won imitators across the country.


The cocktail is an author's mix from Andrey Kobyakov, no less mysterious and exclusive.


Be my guest: aperitif tour

at Sartoria Lamberti

The chief bartender Andrey Kobyakov invites familiar bartenders to stand behind the counter of the gastronomic atelier. And when, if not at magic hours

from 16:00 to 19:00. 


On February 10, the season of guest visits will be opened by Vladimir Kholodkov from World Chess Club Moscow. 


On February 24, the hero of the counter of the gastronomic atelier will be Artur Kultoev from the Sesame speakeasy bar.


Now sparkling: new aperitifs at Sartoria Lamberti

When all the work is done, it's time to raise a glass to awaken your appetite and taste for life.


Chef sommelier Anton Suzdalsky is sure that there is no more effective means of relaxation and enjoyment than champagne and sparkling wine.


We can say that bubbles are a jacuzzi for the brain, which is why Sartoria Lamberti now has updated wine aperitifs from 16:00 to 19:00.


There is no more beautiful story in the world: The Feast of Love at Sartoria Lamberti

In the gastronomic atelier Sartoria Lamberti on Valentine's Day, an immersive performance based on Shakespeare's play “Romeo and Juliet” and the cartoon “Paper Novel” will be staged: a haute couture dessert and an interactive cocktail - only 1 day on the menu. What is not a proof of the elusive beauty of this feeling.

The first act is the dessert “There is no story more beautiful in the world ...” by Naira Soussedova in the form of a scarlet rose, smelling of roses and revealing its taste only after drops of poison. Everything is according to the rules of Shakespeare's great tragedy.

The second act is a love drink from chief bartender Andrei Kobyakov, inspired by the short cartoon Paper Novel, which tells how not to let your love go.


Now sparkling: new aperitifs at Sartoria Lamberti

When all the work is done, it's time to raise a glass to awaken your appetite and taste for life.


Chef sommelier Anton Suzdalsky is sure that there is no more effective means of relaxation and enjoyment than champagne and sparkling wine.


We can say that bubbles are a jacuzzi for the brain, which is why Sartoria Lamberti now has updated wine aperitifs from 16:00 to 19:00.


Truffle hunting season is on!

An attribute of luxury with which real gastronomic chic is associated. A noble scent that captivates no worse than a selective perfume.

Truffle, the king of gastro accents, is now officially a trendsetter on the Sartoria Lamberti menu.


Cheerful morning or the new breakfast menu at Sartoria Lamberti

Rice porridge with mango and coconut mousse to cheer up, a puff pastry with scrambled and black truffle to treat yourself. The new morning menu at Sartoria Lamberti is more than interesting and more than diverse.


Breakfasts at Sartoria Lamberti are now served from 11.00 until 16.00 on weekends.

Кокосовый мусс с семенами чиа5.jpg

Autumn collection of dishes at Sartoria Lamberti

Italians know how to set trends - what to wear, where to rest, what to eat. While borders and Fashion Weeks are at lockdown, Sartoria Lamberti is showcasing an autumn collection of dishes. Anyone who expects something new from Italian cuisine, who is looking for fresh impressions, but appreciates tradition and comfort. Autumn "styles" of dishes from Sartoria Lamberti look perfect and fast!


The new Lenten menu at Sartoria Lamberti

Green is the new black!


Sergey Andreichenko, the chef of the Sartoria Lamberti strictly follows gastronomic and fashion trends. His spring menu features zucchini and avocados, mix salad and brussels sprouts, oyster mushrooms with thyme and parsley and a vegetable bronuise.


The new Lenten menu can be tasted at Sartoria Lamberti from March, 2 till April, 19.

Большой итальянский ужин

La Bottega (*Michelin) в гостях у Sartoria Lamberti

Лучшие блюда итальянской кухни, высококачественные ингредиенты, неизменно высокие стандарты – так рекомендует ресторан La Bottega респектабельный гид Michelin. Расположенный в центре Женевы он предлагает гостям итальянскую классику, переосмысленную творческим подходом шефа Франческо Гасбарро.


5 марта Франческо Гасбарро и шеф-повар Sartoria Lamberti Сергей Андрейченко вместе приготовят ужин, где каждый расскажет об Италии свою историю.