The first gastronomic atelier in Russia

The place where an Italian passion for food meets an Italian love for fashion.  Classy handmade ...

Designed by Uilliam Lamberti.

Sartoria is an art born in Italy.  The art of men's costume, created by generations of personal tailors.



Uilliam Lamberti

Restaurateur, concept chef

“Food and fashion are the two things that Italians have in their blood. I dreamed of combining them in one project, because both of them are not only about beauty and taste. They are about an individual approach to each guest, about the highest level of service  which is a distinctive feature of Neapolitan sartoria ”

Аbout the project

Author's project by William Lamberti

Sartoria Lamberti, a gastronomic atelier where Italian passion for food meets Italian love for fashion, is located on the first floor of the Ritz-Carlton.  


Gastronomic atelier is an original format that combines fashion and gastronomy. Just beyond the threshold is a small studio where a seamstress embroiders monograms on gifts for guests. At different times, the showcases displayed exhibits from the Italian Fashion Museum, costumes by Igor Chapurin from Svetlana Zakharova's production of Amore, dresses from the Rasario brand, and installations by artist Maria Yankovskaya.  


Sartoria Lamberti are devices with a needle on the handle, lamps that look like cuffs of men's shirts, miniature irons and impressive coils. And even the uniforms of the waiters and hottesses are custom-tailored by a fashionable Russian designer.

Our team

Uilliam Lamberti
creator of the project

Businessman, brand chef, restaurateur who has
changed the face of modern
Moscow gastronomy

Anastasia Bulgakova

chief operating


Business consultant, Novikov School speaker, creator of the author's restaurant management methodology


Anton Suzdalskiy

chef sommelier

Author of enogastronomic performances with 9 years experience in luxe segment


Artem Kuzin
chef bartender

Author of the cocktail with stories and adventurous sets
of cocktails